Privacy Policy

Jornels, in order to protect your privacy and enable you to benefit from the services at the highest level; has set various privacy policies for your personal information and data security. These determined conditions are accepted by Jornels users.

Jornels always has the right to update or change these conditions, which it has set to protect the privacy of its users, without prior notice. Users can be informed about new updates by visiting the “Privacy Policy” page.

No information provided by the users to the Jornels website will be shared with the third party. The information will only be shared by government agencies, if required, with the necessary documents.

Jornels may cooperate with third party institutions and organizations in order to provide better quality of services. These collaborations; advertising, sponsorship, marketing and other legal commercial methods.

Jornels can advertise on the website and direct to third party sites. Jornels is not responsible for the privacy policy of the advertisements it publishes and any website it redirects.